our new pad

we're completely moved out of our old apartment; it's scrubbed and void of any evidence we lived there...well, except the floors. when we moved in there was shaggy puke carpet that we ripped out to expose the gorgeous hardwood underneath.

we will miss dear old #6. we lived there for a year and a half and have many fond memories in that apartment. i would be lying if i said i didn't get all choked up seeing it this empty:
apparently it hasn't clicked with my brain that we've moved because today i was walking up the stairs while reading a letter we got in the mail...and before i knew it, i was standing in my empty, old living room. it kind of startled me. luckily no one's moved in yet; that would have been so awkward.
well, would you like to see the new place?? we like it a lot so far!
the living room
we used to have david's desk in the bedroom, but really, i think that room should be saved for sleep and...well, there shouldn't be a desk in there. so as much as i dislike having it in the living room, i think it's better this way. ahh, student living...we would so love for david to have his own office room. someday!
the view into the kitchen...
our bedroom. david commented, "this is mostly just a picture of our bed." well, that fills up the majority of the bedroom! it's pretty small but it's got fluffy new carpet and fancy green walls so we like it just fine. it feels so cozy to us...like we're sleeping in a hotel every night!
without doors our closet looks messy no matter what we do. gotta make it work, though!
& finally, our kitchen (with the aesthetically pleasing hammer on the kitchen table). david hates the geometric flooring, but i think it's kind of charming! even though, yes, it has lead in it. did i mention this building was built in 1911?

so that's it! ii'd show you the bathroom, but really...it's not that exciting.
sometimes i get really, really sick of the tiny one-bedroom apartments with neighbors all over the place. it can get pretty claustrophobic. we're saving so much money by living here, though, and it really will make for great stories once we've got a roomy farmhouse on 20 acres, right? besides, if i'm going to live in cramped quarters, at least my roommate's the best-looking guy i've ever seen in real life.


  1. we're twins this week. our latest posts are the same.

    yay for new apartments! :)

  2. congrats on the new home!

  3. Awww! It's so cute! I love your new house - even if it means you moved away from me. ;)

  4. HAYNES!!!!!!!!
    dude, you should invite us up. after all you've stayed at my place and pick out funiture for us too!



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