ridin' nerdy

i stole this picture from reagan's blob
i felt smart today.

i hope you don't think i'm being too down on myself by saying that this isn't something i often think about too much, how smart i am. i mean, i know i value my own ideas and i know david cares about what i have to say, but i really don't often think that other people care a whole lot about what my brain can do. i don't make many comments in my classes because i don't want people to think, "figures the blonde chick from california would say something that dumb." and a big part of it is because i'm skinny and blonde--i worry that people just assume there isn't much going on upstairs, and i don't want to open my mouth and prove them right.

well, some things have happened recently that really made me feel great about myself.
i felt like my brain had done some sort of fantastic things and i received extremely positive feedback on those things and not on my appearance or sarcasm or anything else.

i felt smart.
it's way better than feeling pretty.

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  1. As Gilbert Blythe once said "Being smart is better than being pretty." (If you haven't seen Anne of Green Gables I'll fly out there and we'll have a marathon). I <3 you bran, and I've always valued your opinion.


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