taco bus love

for david's birthday we had a date night at the temple,
and of course it was his pick for where we ate.
naturally, he chose:
the taco bus.
& i dressed like a mailman.

it was a good date and now we're home watching shawshank redemption (edited, naturally--a birthday gift from me!) while david does a flight simulator and i work on 8 pages of fiction for creative writing. this is pretty normal for us. 

tomorrow, i'm giving you a tour of my little clothing store. are you excited? i am!

p.s. sorry i don't have a supa fancy camera like all the other fly bloggers...i take pictures on my cell phone :)

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  1. Yay Taco Bus!

    ... I was going to say more in this comment when I realized that I just got excited when I saw the Taco Bus...


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