things that are awesome today

1. i saw this skirt at the jcrew in atlanta...i'm in love. too bad it would cost like 2 weeks worth of grocery money...a girl can dream, right?
2. modcloth got these fun watches in a bunch of different colors. i think the yellow is my favorite...or the turquoise...
3. i just got the paul mitchell lavender mint conditioner and it's heavenly.
4. pushing daisies is hands-down the CUTEST television show in existence. thanks, netflix online, for allowing me frequent viewings of this awesomeness.
5. i'm working on the harry potter series...how did i forget how great these books are?!
6. these shoes from forever 21 are the bomb diggity!
7. my second favorite album of all time. it's been making me happy since i was like 15.
8. PAQ! my bff shpitty and JT the mustacheoid have started making fanny packs, or PAQ. we'll be selling them in the store soon...they're even going to make ones out of vintage fabrics. you will definitely see more updates about these soon.


  1. Watch, shoes, Harry Potter, YES I'll take it all. And I'm excited to see some PAQ!

  2. if i still lived in rexburg i would come and hang out at the store while you work and maybe go in the tanning bed, then look around and eat treats at the counter with you. mmmm.

  3. That watch is so awesome!



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