carrie and liz have started a 30 day photo challenge and i thought i'd jump on board because i don't take enough pictures and i probably should take more. so i'm starting today to try and stay even with anyone else doing the challenge!
okay, day 1: your facebook profile photo
some people in rexburg organized a zombie walk down main street in rexburg, but as it was on thursday, i missed it for the writer's retreat. since i wanted to fit in with the cool kids, i edited this photo of myself to look like a zombie! nice for halloween, right?
leave me your blog address if you do the challenge, i'd love to follow along!


  1. I love this challenge! I kinda wanna try it.

  2. This sounds like fun. I've missed out on the first 10 days or so but, het! Whatever.


  3. Here's the story eh? Maybe I should try this challenge out too... motivation! ~Jamin

  4. I'm going to try out this challenge! thanks for the idea :)



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