we like to move it, move it

we moved into the new apartment this weekend!
you would think moving right downstairs would be a piece of cake, but somehow it was just as hectic. my mom + the twins came to help, which was fantastic. i only got them for a day and a half and it flew by. the twins are so funny; they put up with all of our teasing like champs and jumped right in to help wherever it was needed. we visited the temple on friday afternoon and enjoyed rexburg's crazy-warm october.

having my mom here during a move is the best. she's like an organizational wizard...she keeps me on task and gets everything done fast. i think it probably would have taken us a week to move without her here...but she had us all snuggled into the new place by saturday night. mom...you're awesome.

the new place is pretty sweet. we've got wayyy taller ceilings, more natural light, and our bedroom is a gorgeous green. we also lucked out with more hallway closet storage, meaning we could eliminate the industrial metal shelf in our room we used to pile clothes onto. last night david and i felt like we were in a hotel, our room feels so cozy. we've also got more privacy--we used to have neighbors on 3 sides with thin walls, but now we've only got one shared wall...and it's a stone wall! it's so quiet in here, and for the first time in our marriage we're not cringing every time we drop something on the floor after 10:00. the layout's way better, too. i'll post pictures later...once everything's hung up and tidied and beautiful.

overall...we're happy campers. except i miss my mom.


  1. I can't wait to see the new place! Sorry I didn't come and help you move- I should have remembered :(

  2. So glad you're back and bloggin'. I love your blog and hearing about your life -- wish I wasn't so dang far away so I could see you and literally hear about your life! love you, bran.

    <3 Rach

  3. I love you too. I miss you so much. Monday blew.


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