i've seen a few posts around blog world about weird/funny/embarrassing habits or guilty pleasures that people have and i found them so entertaining, i thought i'd share a few of mine! maybe you have the some of the same ones? send me the link if you do a similar post, i want to know how weird you are!

1.i always feel weird saying my own name, even though i like it.
when i introduce myself, the sound of my voice saying my name in my head sounds weird.
2. i will NOT drink a cold drink after it's not ice cold anymore. same goes for hot drinks after they're even a little bit lukewarm.
3. i'm pretty sure i've mentioned this on here before, but when i listen to people talking, i section off the syllables of what they're saying into groups of 3s in my head and find it comforting when they're nice and even. i also count the steps on stairways and like to start counting at a number that makes me land at 30 by the top step, because the number 30 seems even. 3 & multiples of 3 are just nice.
4. i watch the secret life of the american teenager on hulu. I KNOW! the acting's terrible and the plot line is ridiculous, but for some reason...i watch.
5. you know how everybody has a...smell? not necessarily a bad smell, but there's always a smell that's unique to a person. like when you're gone from your house for a few days, and when you walk back in, you can smell your smell. and when someone walks by you and you're standing still, you can catch a whiff of their smell. well, i hate smelling people's smells so i always hold my breath when someone walks close by me.
(i think i said the word 'smell' too many times just now)
well, hopefully you don't think i'm a total weirdo by now :)
happy monday!
michelle comes home tomorrow!!!


  1. Your blogs really cute :) Those kittens are adorable too x

  2. I am totally with you on the drink thing!

  3. LOLcats make my life

  4. i did a similar post in may: only my weird things make me such a freak compared to you. seriously.


  5. I totally do the first one. I haaate introducing myself. I think because I've had so many people say, Is it Mee-gan? or May-gan or Mee-a-gan? I'm like...I don't KNOWWWWWWWW! ahhhhhh I'm a mess.


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