i thought i'd give you a little tour of my store today!
maybe some of you have already been in here and maybe some of you are sick of hearing about it, but maybe some of you are a little curious! most people's blogs are devoted to cute pictures of their baby, and this store has sort of been that for us. i figure it's ok if i want to be a proud parent and show you what my little business looks like. i consider it another room of my house; i mean, i certainly spend enough time there. besides, we just celebrated her 2nd birthday! awww.
 presentinggggg...our storefront! welcome!
see, right now we're getting a face lift. it's going to look oh so fancy when it's done, but right now it kind of looks like we're going out of business. take my word for it, we're not. if you'd like to stop by, just look for the scaffolding and construction in between wells fargo and u.s. banks. hello! that's me!
see the little rectangle of molding?
that's for the new sign we're getting made soon! i'm in the process of designing it right now.
it's going to be off the HOOK, you guys.
 this is right when you first walk in.
that's our jewelry table right in the center (craigslist find that i fixed up!) and our mannequins kick it inside the store for now while our display windows are getting fixed up. they like the break from the sun, they told me so. also, see that a-frame shelf?? i found it at world market a few months after we first opened and fell in love. perhaps i'll keep it for my home someday as a souvenir of our store days!
 this is the wall where all our newest stuff goes. 
it gets changed out usually about once a week.
 my little cubby. that's an old shampoo chair from the salon and it's oh-so-comfy.
you'll have to excuse the mess; sometimes i tidy up, and sometimes i don't.
 this is my view from behind the counter.
that's my adorable bicycle hanging there, by the way...a gift from david ♥
here's also a peek of the clothing racks that take up the majority of space on the floor.
 some pretty dresses
our little dressing room/sitting area with the vintage dryer chair.
it's probably the most photographed item in the store...for some reason people just like taking pictures in that thing! another frequently photographed item: our sign that says "PLEASE MONITOR YOUR CHILD. unsupervised children will be given a red bull and promised a new puppy." a real crowd pleaser, that sign.

well,  that's about it! i hope you enjoyed my little tour. i liked taking the pictures and thinking about all the things i love about this place.
of course, it looks much cuter in person when you can hear the music playing and wander around and chat with m...so stop by sometime!

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