3 & 4

 i'm a slacker! here's today + yesterday:
day 3. a photo that makes you happy
i'm sure i've already posted this picture on here...but it's one of my very, very favorite pictures.
this is my parents together on a yoga retreat in costa rica a few years ago. i like it because my mom always looks like this, laughing and giving someone a hard time. i think my daddy just looks so handsome and happy. i feel lucky when i look at this picture and think about the years and years they've spent together and the years ahead of them and how they still love each other so much.
day 4. a photo of the last place you went on holiday
 while in georgia visiting family, we did a fun little hike to this waterfall. our little nephew tanner was in a stroller and it was hilarious watching him be maneuvered around the trail. someone at the beginning of the hike told us that the waterfall was "barely trickling," but when we got there, it looked like this! i don't consider that "trickling," it was gorgeous! anyways, i loved spending time with david's family and seeing a little more of georgia.


  1. oh gracious, i have MISSED you, Brandilyn!!!!

    how's everything?

    I love your thirty day photo challenge... i just might have to jump on that too (except for the fact that i super duper suck at being regular at the blogging thing!)

    Thanks for your comment, i miss coming into your store to browse around and end up chatting it up forever!!

    ps. that last shipment of yours... i love the hoodie... it screams my name! :)

  2. that picture of dad and I makes me happy too. I love it when your dad is happy.

  3. wait! how'd i miss this challenge?! obvs i'm copying you. love love love it!


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