30 for 30

guess what?
i'm participating in kendi's 30 for 30 challenge!

i initially wanted to do it, and then i was all, "naaaah, i don't wanna," & then adorable sydney stopped by the store and after talking to her and then going home and staring at my closet i decided to go go GO for it!

the premise of the challenge is this:
1. pick out 30 items in your closet (not including accessories or jackets--thank goodness)
2. remix the 30 items into 30 outfits 
3. no shopping for 30 days!
the purpose is to encourage people to work with what they've got and to shop in their own closets. cool.
now, i know i'm so not a fashion blogger...but i thought this would be something fun/new to try! plus, heaven knows it will be good for me to take a break from shopping and have some fun with the things i've already got in my closet. i don't have a fancy camera or photoshop...so i hope you won't laugh at my point-and-shoot/picnik.com edited/dorkily posed pictures! (i swear 'dorkily' is a word)
so without further ado...
my 30 items!
top row: flannel (panache), blue button-up (panache), blue & white stripes tee (gap), white button tee (panache), black & white stripes tee (panache) 
bottom row: turquoise button top (panache), floral button top (panache), yellow tee (target), green leafy tee (american eagle), grey tee (target)
top row: all from target...yeah, that's the same cardigan in 3 different colors. it's the perfect cardigan.
bottom row: green cardigan (nordstrom), aqua cardigan (h&m), black cardigan (panache)
neutral (target), black (panache), brown (buckle)
dresses & skirts
blue dress (gap), black pencil skirt (new york & co), blue skirt (shade via panache)
flats: grey flats (payless), brown oxford flats (target), yellow felt mary-janes (target), chuck taylors, sperry boat shoes, black oxfor flats (target)...LOVE the dirty foot prints in my flats the camera flash picked up. gross.
boots: blue boots (modcloth), brown boots (target)

conclusions i have made upon reviewing my choices for this challenge:
1. i like panache and target...a lot.
2. i wear a lot of blue and brown. i initially had 3 blue button-ups. 3?! i mean, really. could i be any more predictable? ("i'm chandler. could i be wearing any more clothes?" friends quote...if you get it, you're awesome)

i'm thinking about posting outfits every few days instead of every single day. thoughts? do you think i'm stupid? will you hate my blog if it has outfit pictures? are you going to do it, too?
wish me luck! first outfit starts monday!


  1. oooh! Good choices! I'm so excited to have a rexburg buddy doing this with me! We might have to take some of our pictures together!!

  2. obsessed. because i could never do this. post everyday plzzzz!!!!

    and ps have those same boat sperry shoes!!! looooveeee

  3. I wish I was this brave! Also, I wish I loved my clothes more than I do. This is awesome, post pictures!

  4. Stumbled across your blog from Kendi's - so excited to see all of the choices people are picking out for this challenge! I'll be following you for sure :) Good luck!

  5. Haha i know the Friends quote! What fun picks good luck!

  6. I love this! I wish I had enough clothes to work with in my closet right now. My outfits are repeated weekly for the most part. Lets see outfits!

  7. I know from last time, some of the bloggers do a weekly, or every 5 day run-down of the outfits in a single post. So that is always an option. Looking forward to seeing how you remix everything. - Katy

  8. i love your blue boots!! can't wait to see what you pair them with :)

  9. hello fellow 30 for 30 remixer! good luck, i look forward to following your mixes! :)

  10. I love those blue boots! I can't wait to see how you remix them!

  11. If Joey has been wearing blue boots this would be even better!

    I'm with you on the everyday posts...not so sure. Whatever works, right?! :)

    Excited to see what you do!


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