7 & 8

30 for 30 commence: TOMORROW!
(see the post below this one for more deets)
also, helllllo to any/all who are here from kendi's list of remixers! i'm very excited to be included.
now, catching up with my other 30-day challenge...the photo one...

7. a photo of someone you love
i considered posting the obvious for this one (a photo of my sexy hunk of a husband), but you see lots of pictures of him and i hope you know i love his guts. so for day 7, i thought i'd do a picture of someone i hardly ever post about.
this is caleb!
caleb is my friend stacy's son, and he is darling. stacy and caleb come and visit me in the store almost every day and it totally makes me happier whenever i see them walk in. before i met caleb, i thought that babies just didn't like me, so i didn't particularly like them back. that's not to say that i didn't adore my perfect little niece or admire my friend's babies, i just thought that i was "not a baby person." well, i've known caleb ever since he was born a year ago and he actually recognizes me and (dare i say) likes me! this makes me feel very special. david and i always jump at the chance to baby-sit our little friend caleb. he dances and talks to himself and makes funny faces and just cracks us up. so, i love my sweet buddy caleb.

day 8. a photo of your favourite band/musician
i know everyone loves the postal service.
i don't care, though, because they are so very deserving of adoration.
jimmy tamborello & ben gibbard made the soundtrack to the last 5 years of my life with give up. i wrote their lyrics on my school notebooks and sharpie-d them onto the soles of my chuck taylors (i think i'm making myself sound wayyyy more emo than i actually was). their music reminds me of morning trips to IHOP and driving my hill late at night. i even bought this album on vinyl. they're frequents on the store playlist and it warms my little heart when someone hears a song and says, "hey, the postal service! i love these guys!" (alternately, i came dangerously close to punching a girl who once said, "is this owl city?")
i never get sick of this music...i just love them a lot.


  1. Love your list. Postal Service is great. Good luck on your 30 for 30 I am having to skip this round but will be rooting for all you brave ladies. Can't wait to follow and see what you come up with.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Yeah - Caleb likes you. He recognizes you and is gets so excited when I ask him if he wants to come visit you. He loves you and Dave lots.

  3. Hey lady! I found your blog through The Daybook. I like your outfit today a lot.... but I love The Postal Service even more! They've been the soundtrack to my life for the past few years as well. I can't get sick of them!

  4. I almost put a picture of Jack Jack on this day! Seriously. We need babies of our own.


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