boots, tights: target; skirt: shade via panache; belt: f21; flannel & sweater: panache; necklace: talonalia
on day 18, i looked like a school teacher.
well, at least i felt like one. also, i never would have paired brown and black but if elaine and sydney can do it, dangit, so can i!
day 16. a photo of your favourite weekend.
this was right before the 4th of july in 2008. my roommate shpitty and i stayed up all night long...which i had never done before and haven't done since. it's hard for me to force myself to stay awake. i might be a little narcoleptic. if i don't get enough sleep, i just drop where i am and start drooling. anyways, we decided to go to the coin op and do laundry at 4am. we also watched blades of glory a couple times, which is nothing compared to the 20+ times we watched it that semester (we kept track). then, i spent the fourth of july playing scrabble, taking polaroid pictures, and eating taco bell with my fiance and bff. 'twas indeed a good weekend.


  1. You look great in plaid....not like a school teacher at all:) I just found your link and looked back at the other outfits....I think you are doing super fab in the challenge..Im a new follower:)

    Nice to meet ya:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  2. I love this outfit! You look so cute! I'm so jealous you've got snow there... I probably still have a couple months before we get our first!

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  3. gotta love some plaid and how you mixed it with that belt and bottoms! :)

    glad you're not freezing :D


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