baby blue

 cardigan: panache; jeans: panache; boots: modcloth; necklace: gift from my 17th birthday, headband: vintage*

on day 2 of the 30 for 30, i felt maybe a little uninspired.
i'm hoping this is one of my more boring outfits...it's just a black cardigan. i mean, how plain can i be?

despite my plain outfit, today has been wonderful.
my creative writing class got canceled, so i walked home in the gorgeous snow and chatted with my bestie rachel while enjoying apple cider and a homemade sugar cookie. i mean, could my morning have been any more picturesque?! i submit that no, it could not. OH and we got a new shipment in the store! happy day.

while grown-up brandilyn enjoys all things fall and winter, baby brandilyn was more of a california girl:
everyone together now: "aaaaaw"
  my family had a house on the lake growing up and we used to spend our entire summers there. every year when summer shows her sunny little face i start reminiscing about summers spent swimming and boating. david inevitably has the hear me sing 'my song':
"baby brandi in the deep blue sea, she swims so wild and she swims so free! in the heavens above and the seas below, she's just my little blonde baby on the go."
isn't that a kick-a song?! my mom used to sing that to me all the time. actually, she still sings it to me.
today is day 10. a photo of you as a baby
...and i was a pretty rockin' baby.

p.s. how are you enjoying the simultaneous 30-day challenges? i'm feeling fairly crafty, if i do say so myself.

*when my grandmother passed away my mom brought home a ton of scarves, which are on loan to me for now. i love them and think of my mom and her mother whenever i wear one.


  1. I love that you can pull off those rockin' blue boots. You look very put together even if you do think this is more on the "boring" side. I love it!

  2. I don't think it's boring at all! Lovin' the boots!

  3. Clearlake trips hold some of my FAVORITE childhood memories, especially during the 4th of July!

  4. That pic of you as a kid is toooo cute!!

  5. love the headband/braid. rocked that myself today, but not as successfully :)

  6. Not boring, very polished! I think you look great. And yeah, super-cute baby pic ... love those sunglasses!

  7. not uninspired--this is pared-down and really pretty.
    you're rockin' it!

  8. Love the boots! :)


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