cats and cardigans

 jacket, cardi, jeans, boots: target; green top: american eagle; necklace: panache; hat: f21
on day 15, i stayed in bed all morning.
because when it's snowing outside and my bed is soft and warm and my husband is snuggled up next to me and there's no school and the store is closed...where else would i want to be?!
day 23. a photo of your friend as a baby.
this is mr. marley. long-time readers of cats & cardigans have seen grown-up pictures of this little man, but for those of you that are new here (hello, by the way!)...here he is. the king.
i moved to idaho right after i graduated high school, a few months before i started school. i got a full-time job driving water trucks for the USDA and one day, someone dumped a litter of kittens in the parking lot. by this point, it was getting cold and wet and the poor kittens were almost dead when we found them. marley's eyes were all infected and gooped shut and he was just pathetic. did you know that i have a soft spot for animals? probably too soft. i get it from my mom. well, marley came home with me and now he's just the funniest, most handsome cat in the world. he's got loads of personality. he's living with my parents until david and i graduate (apartments = no kitties). everyone say "hi, marley!"

and now you know why this blog is called cats and cardigans.


  1. Oh how precious. I love little kitties even though mine is kind of evil. She chews holes in our clothes, haha.

  2. aw he's so precious!! I don't really like cats, but kittens are adorable! Your outfit is so cute by the way. I still wish I lived closer so I could shop at your boutique!

  3. Aw, I love your lil friend and I'm not even a cat person! I feature my pup a lot on my blog too :) I love your boots... Target has some really cute shoes!

  4. i look up to you. if it snowed. i would not get out of bed and therefore not complete any of this.

    you look rad with your snow beanie. lovely as always

  5. Awwww he's so cute :) Good on you for rescuing him! I don't understand people that just abandon animals - let alone baby animals who can't take care of themselves!

    Also, cute outfit - you look very warm! Love the jacket. :)


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