shoes: sperry topsiders; jeans: buckle; yellow tee & purple cardi: target; scarf: h&m; bracelet: panache
on day 19, i had to walk my happy butt UPHILL in the snow to class. BAREFOOT.
not barefoot. but i've had an earache for the last few days and i didn't wear a hat (duh, i have a bun on my head) and i didn't wear earmuffs, either. although we have some really cute ones in the store i'll probably snag soon. also, those fuzzy blue socks you see peeking out? gift from david's grandmama from christmas last year. i can't even describe how much i love those socks. david looked at these pictures and said, "it looks like you're crying a little." and i replied, "i probably was crying a little. it was 7° outside and i took my coat off."

i thought today i'd show you some outtakes from our little photo shoot.
literally, we snapped 3 pictures in 30 seconds before sprinting upstairs and back into our warm apartment.
picture one: not aware that a picture is being taken yet:
picture two is the one you see above. and picture three is "i think my ears are frozen off, stop taking pictures, i'm done." maybe a little maniacal and sleep-deprived and frigid:
voila. that's how it's done, folks.

today is also day 28. a photo of what you ate today.
well, i honestly haven't eaten anything yet today...but these guys will probably be devoured soon:
& if i can be a thrifty little grocery shopper, i might splurge on a 5buck pizza.


  1. LOVE your sperry's! they are on the very very very tip-top of my Christmas list.
    (and very cute rest of your outfit as well. especially those blue fuzzy socks, nice and cozy.)

  2. What the heck!?!? What's wrong with people? They ALWAYS talk about how cute your outfits are (and they are cute, ok) but HELLO PEOPLE! We are talking about FOOD here! Yes, FOOD! I'm WAY excited about what you are choosing to eat. Yum! I LOVE those little goodies too! Oh, and I love you.

  3. i love the yellow and purple combo. you look really cute! hope you didn't freeze too much!

  4. Picture one is actually really cute! You should keep it! And use it...somehow. Somewhere.


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