dos en un dia !

now...for my next trick...
a post that has NOTHING to do with 30 photos or 30 outfits!
are you impressed?! i figured you've seen a lot of my face these last two weeks.
so this is a list post. because you know how much i love lists, right?

things going on lately:

1.) i got my panachage from liz today. um, i think this lady knows my soul.
it included these:
liz and jacob are the perfect couple. they had an india-themed wedding. i mean, really. adorable.
and this:
 it says, 'write your own story,' and matches my apartment exactly.
 ok, this is what killed me.
liz filled this little booklet with things like this:
!!!!!! how thoughtful! i love it. i may have screamed. i may have come close to tearing up, no joke.
there were also m&ms, not pictured because...um...well. anyways.
liz, i'm in love with this package. and you. thank you!

2.) we made moo shu tofu again tonight. is this a surprise? no, because we make it all the time.
and maybe we made out in the kitchen. we are newlyweds, after all! and david has the most perfect lips i've ever seen. i just can't help it sometimes. other things we can't help: watching dumb & dumber. like right now, for instance. we are watching dumb & dumber. "that's a lovely accent you got there. new jersey?"

3.) i wrapped these:
before you go thinking i'm way ahead on christmas shopping (i'm not), i just wrapped them as part of our christmas window display. but still...christmas is coming! tralala! & the windows are going to look amazinnng! (i said that in a kelly kapoor voice)

4.) mr. david just submitted a major assignment. it's a huge relief to both of us for him to be done with it. he works hard for us and i like to make sure he knows i notice some of the little things he does.
sometimes when we're both stressed i like to take a few minutes to scratch his back and say things like:
"thank you for buying me a new computer charger even though i've already been through 2 others."
"you look very, very handsome in your flannel shirts. i like your hair longer like that."
"thank you for watching the store so i could make lunch even though i know you had lots of work to do."
"thank you for encouraging me to write and ride and improv and other things that make me happy."
because my mister is truly excellent.

well, that's my life. not glamorous, but happy x 50.

i hope everyone out there in the internet is having a marvelous friday night!


  1. uhm i think i need to take lessons on being a better housewife from you. i only work as a nanny and take 3 pitty classes all of which i'm failing and work has me exhausted by the end of the day...

    you find time for dave, make home made meals all the time, find time for you, take lots of classes and RUN A STORE!

    how do you do it all?

    ps. sorry for the poor grammar and capitalization its late and i'm too tired to care

    x0x me

  2. WE had Moo Shu Tofu this week also! Thanks to your fabulous recipe posted in the Relief Society newsletter. It was delcious!

  3. YAY! I loved putting your package together! I'm so grateful for your friendship. I get shy and stupid sometimes, but I really think you're fantastic and want to be friends for a very long time.


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