enhancing my mood

 do you want to hear about an awkward situation?
usually i don't talk about it when these situations happen to me because reliving them makes me turn all red again. but it's been a while since this happened, and we're all friends here, right? ok.

so do you know what st. john's wort is?
it's technically an herbal treatment for depression. except in small doses, you can just use it to cheer you up! like if you live in a place where winter lasts for an exceptional amount of time. or if you turn into a crazy lady for about a week each month.
a while ago, a friend told me about st. john's wort. it sounded interesting and i thought, "hm, i can think of a few days each month when that would be particularly helpful." so i went to wal mart to pick some up.
when i got there, though, i couldn't remember the name if the stuff!
as i was wandering around the herbal remedy aisle, an associate asked if i needed help finding anything (a very rare thing; usually wal mart associates just glare at me or are nowhere to be found). 
i said, "oh! yes! i'm looking for something, except i can't remember the name of it." 
and she replied, "okay..what does it do?" 
"well, it's like a...a mood enhancer..." 
her eyebrows shot up and she got a very  knowing look in her eyes. 
"ooooh. you mean like viagra."
i immediately turned bright red and started stuttering.
"no! i, uh, it's more like...well, not...you know, because i definitely don't need...oh, never mind."
and then i turned and walked straight out of wal mart.

i don't know why this was so awkward for me. it just was. 
do you have any exceptionally awkward experiences?


  1. ah! Yes sometimes I do so bad in awkard situations that I just don't do what a normal person would do. I don't know why it is. I think it's the whole talking to a stranger and offering too much information about yourself is weird.

  2. eek!! haha oh no! that is embarrassing. yes. that happens to me alot. haha

  3. bran, have you read julia's latest blog? similar awkward reactions lol


    love you!

  4. OH HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the greatest story ever! Thanks for the laugh!

  5. rach, julia's post reminded me of this experience! that's why i blogged it!


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