flannel and my husband

day 2: a photo of yourself a year ago
here we are, standing in our little store just over a year ago!

just looking at the store in this picture i can see so many things that have changed. that banister is now a nice, big wall and the front of the store is being completely redone. it's so funny to see the clothes we had last year; i always forget how many things have come and gone! 

when this picture was taken, we were about to leave for west yellowstone to celebrate david's birthday with a romantic weekend away together. we spent the time wandering around the chilly town hand-in-hand and giggling at how fancy we felt in the worldmark condo we stayed in. we'd been married for a year and three months and we thought that seemed like such a long time to be married to someone...now we've been married for two years and three months and i can't believe how excited i am for the years ahead of us. oh, and i love my husband in that shirt...or any shirt, really.

i hope you don't mind me getting sentimental on here, i just feel very grateful for where i'm at in life right now and for the people who make my life so joyful.

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