boots: modcloth; tights: express; dress & striped tee: gap; bracelet: pandora/gift from my momma
on day 16, there was a legitimate blizzard outside.
roads are closed and it's windy and snow is blowing everywhere. so if i look a little unimpressed in this picture, it's because of the tantrum mother nature is throwing and because someone just stood in the doorway to my store without moving for a while and a bunch of snow and cold wind blew in. come on, homeboy! also, how do you like that fancy photo backdrop? yep, we're still under construction. david actually wanted me to take this picture holding a power drill. ha.

day 24. a photo of you that your hair looks nice in
i chopped alllll my hair off after i'd been married for a month (like every newlywed does, i think) and i've spent the last 2 years trying to get it back. it's finally recently long enough to curl without me feeling like shirley temple and i'm thrilled about it. this picture is from a few weeks ago but i was just really happy with how my hair turned out.


  1. omg. those boots are amazing. I love them.

    your hair looks gorgeous!

  2. Definitely one GREAT thing about cold weather!

  3. blue boots are love! and your hair is really pretty! :)

    i love that you layered the striped shirt underneath the dress. ;)


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