frost bite

no 30's today...we're having a lazy, cozy day and i couldn't be happier about it.
the high temperature in rexburg today was a cool 4°F, meaning that just walking from our apartment downstairs to the store was painful. gotta love it when all the snot in your face freezes and then you go inside and it...ah....melts. advice from a cold-weather expert: travel packs of tissues. essential.
well, that was gross. sorry for the TMI, all.

we bought groceries for our grand thanksgiving feast!
(sarcasm...it's hard to portray over a blog post...)
we're looking forward to one day telling our children about the ultimate college student thanksgiving.
just the two of us, and we decided (as per suggestion by my genius sister-in-law) to cook our favorite foods instead of traditional thanksgiving stuff. things like a rotisserie chicken and a store-bought pecan pie. and canned chili. we're classy folk, obviously.

david is spending the evening doing boring book work accounting things for the store and trying adorably to avoid having his picture taken:
while i make a christmas wish list, which is way fun because i've been avoiding internet browsing lately on account of the 30 for 30 shopping ban.
turns out there are still cute things popping up despite my absence around modcloth and forever21...
every christmas, birthday, anniversary, valentine's day, ordinary day i ask for a kitten.
no success yet, but christmas 2010 may be the one!
 (necklace/headphones: modcloth | movie: despicable me | CD: florence + the machine lungs | skirt: downeast | oxfords: f21 | locket: etsy)

have a happy happy thanksgiving, folks, and for heaven's sake...stay warm!


  1. my boyfriend and I love despicable me! I'm buying it for christmas!

  2. I love Florence and the Machine too! It's been my theme music for the past month.


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