girly things

flats: target; jeans: buckle; floral top: panache; turquoise top: panache; necklace: panache; headband: f21
on day 5, i woke up late.
...and i think that's really all i have to say about my outfit. oh, and i feel girly, which is fun.

speaking of girly things...
today is day 13. a photo of your best friend(s) 
as you can see, i only make friends with extremely good-looking people :)
david always makes fun of me because i have a few people i refer to as my "best friend." how could i possibly limit it to just one person, though, when i have multiple people in my life who are the best
 i've known michelle and rach since high school, i lived with hailey right before i got married, and stacy was my first married friend. i think these ladies are so important to me because they've been there at important stages in my life. they've seen me when i'm hysterical, lost, sad, angry...and they helped keep me sane. they're just the sort of women that i hope to stay close with for the rest of my life. they are sisters to me and i love them. they are reliable and loyal and kind and hilarious and somehow, they always just know when i need a phone call or text message or visit.  i sincerely hope that everyone has people in their life as incredible as meeshelle, rach, shpitty, and stacy are to me.  

on a lighter note...
last night david and i went to byui's dance recital, but there was no parking anywhere near the kirkham. so we walked across campus in the freezing friggin' cold. and then they wouldn't let david in because he wasn't wearing a tie, and we were like "wtf?! the show starts in 10 minutes, no time to walk back to the car, drive home, come back, find more parking, etc." but there was this random stand selling them outside of the auditorium, so we bought an adorable, navy blue, skinny tie and met up with the lovely sarah and skyler and enjoyed the show. then sarah was sweet enough to drive us back to our car. and then we went home to our warm apartment and did homework for 5,000 hours and david stole my second-to-last diet cherry coke (UNFORGIVABLE). he made up for it by making me an adorable tiny pancake with raspberry jam.

and that is the story of what happened last night, a very good night with another one of my best friends, my husband.


  1. You are so sweet Brandilyn. You're ne of my bestest friends too.

  2. <3 You make me so happy.

    Also, skinny tie = awesome.

  3. Hi, I'm Brandilyn and I'm frickin' gorgeous all the days.

  4. You are cute everyday!!!!!

    If I did that 30 day thing as a mommy, you'd be like, How many pairs of sweats do you own???????? hahaha

  5. i love the color of your top and how there's some pattern peeking out from under :) best part? your huge smile! brightens everything up.

    here's to the weekend!

  6. skinny tie? yes plz. i can't seem to find one for the Boyf that doesn't have an obnoxious pattern.

    also, i love your layered tops. perfect!


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