hootin' and hollerin'

jeans, boots, LS tee: target; belt: american eagle 10,000 years ago; scarf: f21

on day 8, it was my day off.
i spend days off getting groceries with my bff shpitty and catching up on homework. i love mondays...i love 'em a lot. apologies for the dark picture.

today is also day 16. a photo of you at the last party you went to.

well, i sadly didn't take any pictures on saturday night. i brought my camera and i was all, "oh, i'll totally take pictures!" but then the conversation was just too good, i guess, because i didn't think once about snapping photos. so since i am a writer, i shall now paint a picture for you using my words:
darcy hosted a scentsy party and we got to play with little baby jack and talk about girl/wife things, which is the best conversation there is, wouldn't you agree? then, carrie and liz and i decided the party shouldn't end so we checked in with the husbands before going to denny's. yes, denny's the high-end breakfast restaurant. we're obviously a classy group. well, we got lost along the way and ended up driving around heaven-knows-where in the pitch black night for a good 90 minutes before finding the freeway again. i don't know how these things happen to me. i shrieked when we finally found denny's, a delicious meal was enjoyed, and we talked and talked and talked and finally stumbled home around 1 a.m.
and it was good. i love having girlfriends.

p.s. new header/background...thoughts? do we like it?


  1. Hi, Brandilynn--fellow remixer here. I like your "new" background and header, but I don't know the difference since I've never visited before.

    I really like ALL of your first week's looks, but those blue boots made my heart skip a beat.

    Best of luck on the remaining challenge.

  2. Man, that was a fun night.

  3. I do not like that header. Now do you like the header? No, I do not like the header. Now do you like the header? Yes, I do like that header (taken from Dr. Seuss - Go Dog Go - I used to read it to you a lot and we laughed about the "Do you like my hat?") Sorry, I digress, lol.

  4. yay for days off!!! i love how relaxed you look. definitely great day off then :) yay for the green colored top! i was so afraid to mix color in my picks. i'm glad you did ;)


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