boots/tights/cardi/jacket: target; socks: my dad's closet; dress: gap; cowl: handmade
on day 20 i wore a cowl that i made, no big deal, tralala!
no really though, i'm pretty proud of this baby.
i saw one on etsy for $50 and i was like "umm...i could make that." and now i live for compliments on my neckwear so i can casually say, "oh, thanks! i made it."
also: if my legs look pudgy, it's because i layered leggings under my tights and thermal underwear under my leggings. i walk to school, people! i swear i'm skinny!
(i don't say that to sound cocky, i say it because i know i might not always be this thin and i want to say i appreciated it while it lasted)
you tired of these boots yet? and this jacket? well, yeah. i picked out cute flats for the 30x30 before it started snowing and now all i want to wear is boots every day. and somedays it's too painful to take pictures without a coat on.
here's day 29. a photo of someone you find attractive
i happen to think my parents are very attractive people. this is on their wedding day in 1993. ha, just kidding, it was in 1987! (it's funny because i was born in 1989) she was his secretary and they eloped to lake tahoe...isn't that romantic??! you can read my mom's telling of their special day by clicking here.
and just in case you didn't know...i think this guy is pretty attractive, too:
that would be my husband right before his ironman. yep, he's hot.
also: click here. hilarious.


  1. i'd be proud of that too!! great job :)

  2. You should sell those, super cute. And, you're legs could never look pudgy, even if you wore 15 layers!

  3. oh wow that's a great cowl!
    also... attractive people are attractive. the fact that your husband did the ironman? that's wow!


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