je n'aime pas

shoes: payless; magic jeans: panache; stripes: panache; cardigan: h&m; scarf: vintage/my grandmother's; watch: f21
on day 10, i skipped human resources class to make bread and do dishes.
because really, i don't give a crap about HR. i know this is a bad attitude...but i really just wanted to be an english major and nothing else. why did i have to declare a minor, anyways? i should have done clusters. but the word "cluster" sounds gross to me so i didn't. isn't that stupid? i think i would have done a cluster in french and one in...culinary arts. i'm not loving my communications minor, that's all i'm trying to say, okay?!

last night i was captain grumpy butt.
i say that to make it sound a lot cuter than it actually was.
i was grumpy because i had to share david with his homework. it's not david's fault that he has a project due on thursday, so i don't know who i was grumpy with. i was just...grumpy.
so i bought some new shampoo and then snuggled with david for a few minutes and everything was just fine again.

today is day 18. a photo of one of your classes:
 and this is my c.s. lewis classroom!


  1. I have got to make myself learn how to make bread! I really do. proud of you.

    AND I totally agree, sometimes the cure to a grumptastic moment is a good 30 second hug/cuddle. (and nice smelling hair is a good touch.)

  2. hey at least you got full with your bread. haha, i feel you on wanting to ditch class too. i used to want to in college but i was too much of a goodie. i should have ditched more (though i cant make bread).

    also, you wore stripes. you already win in my book :D love the kerchief around your neck too!

  3. Oooh La La! How cute! I love your little striped top & scarf! How very french of you!

    p.s. I'm a fellow remixer & your newest follower ;)

  4. i love this look! pretty color combo :)

  5. ooh i like the mint green sweater combined with the stripes. and i get what you mean...i was a cretive wiritng major, too and i would have been so much happier (/my GPA would have been so much better...) if it wasn't for my stuuuupid psych minor!

  6. You get to study CS Lewis? That's so cool!

    Also, I get that with my boyfriend too! I finished study earlier than he did so now I hate it when he has to study in the evenings and I want to hang out!

    And nice outfit - you look really relaxed and comfortable but still cool :)


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