little rebs

i think tomorrow i'll be all caught up with the 30 for 30..? maybe still one day ahead of some people? really don't know how that happened.  anyways, full steam ahead with the photo challenge and a list about four unrelated items in my life!
item 1. day 27. a photo of last summer
i know i've blogged about the rebs before, so i hope you won't mind if i do it again!
all summer long, david and i ride around town on our little honda rebel. even i drive it sometimes! sometimes i think maybe it looks silly with both of us on board but i really do enjoy holding onto david and yelling for him to slow down if he takes off too fast. i like pictures like this because i think someday our kids will get a kick out of seeing us cruising around down on a motorcycle.
these days, the rebs looks like this:
my neighbor stacy took this picture. don't they look so chilly?!

item 2. we rearranged the ol' apartment last night! we get bored easily...
 can you spot the iron burn on the rug?? yep, expert housewife here. ha.
 re-hanging pictures is probably my favorite part.
aaand our boring t.v. :)

item 3. today a little boy in the primary class i sit in with sometimes prayed that "all the moms will get lots of presents." lol! it was a real challenge for me to keep a straight face. we were also talking about when Jesus got resurrected, and when asked "what makes people dead?" (meaning, their spirit leaves their body), he solemnly said, "swords."

item 4. as thanksgiving is over, it's time for christmas decorations...which means my flamingo gets his santa outfit on!!
he likes it when i change his outfit for every holiday. doesn't he look so fancy?!


  1. aw give them a blankie, they look cold ;) haha I love the picture of you on the rebs!

  2. If hanging pictures is your favorite part you are MORE than welcome to come over and hang my pictures! We have been here 4 months and I still have to hang pictures, I am just not good at it!!

  3. Admit it Bran, the only reason you rearranged is so that you could take down the picture of me and Dave! lol

  4. I love your rebs! That's what I learned to ride on. I had a little ninja in there for a while, but had to sell it to pay for other things. I miss having a bike to tool around on...

  5. Some day I will have to tell you just how much I love flamingos.
    And your floating cat balloons never fail to make me giggle :)


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