mellow yellow

v-neck: target; jeans: panache; scarf: f21; yellow flats: target

on day 4, i just wanted to be comfortable.
i had american lit, a creative writing workshop, and a day in the store...so i just wanted a no-fuss, easy outfit. and my workshop group liked my story, which totally made my day.

guess what? two ladies came into my store today. one of them bought the magic jeans (which i'm actually wearing today...they really are magic. they look good on everyone) as well as a pair of leggings. how do you pronounce the word leggings? i say it how it's spelled. leg-gings. well, this lady in my store today called them "legg-uhns." as in, "oh my garsh, those leghuns are cute." it is always my gut reaction to be irritated by people who unnecessarily shorten words, but for some reason today it just made me giggle.

guess what else? david and i wanted to ride our motorcycle to school today. have i told you about our motorcycle? it's a honda rebel, but we call him "rebs" for short. rebs is just a little guy, and he doesn't like being awake early in the morning. some mornings he needs a little help waking up, especially when it's cold. rebs hates the cold. this morning, he was so mad that we tried to wake him up early, he refused to let us unlock his handlebars. the little brat. i guess we don't blame him, though. a morning at 20° isn't too fun to go for a ride in. so we walked our chilly butts to school and it was freezing cold. maybe tomorrow he'll want to come out and play.

p.s.today is day 12. a photo of you (i guess a repeat of day 5?) but i'm making my outfit photo count for that one.


  1. LOVE this look you cute girl! haha...oh that motorcycle! Made me laugh!

  2. Hope you've got some more Magic Pants in stock because I'm coming to town in Dec and in the market for some magic jeans! (who isn't?)

    And don't be too hard on Rebs, it sounds crazy cold, I don't think anyone wants their handlebars touched in 20º weather!

  3. love the yellow in your outfit today! (i also like your 3, 2, and 1 of the 30x30!!)

    linley (:

  4. hmm...i have very similar mary janes in green that i just put in the goodwill bag because i can never find a way to wear them...you are making me seriously think that i should scoop them back out again!

  5. comfort is key! i totally comfor-ed myself out on day 4 too.

    LOVE YOUR YELLOW SCARF/SHOES. it's so bright and just makes things pop! :) awesome remix

  6. You look adorable! Our poor little scoot has the same weather shyness your Rebs does.


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