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michelle and i met the summer before my freshman year of high school--in nebraska, of all places. a series of events too complicated to detail here brought us together in a way i can only describe as fate. you know how sometimes you meet someone and you're just instantly friends? that was michelle and i.

i remember getting called out of class and into the school's attendance office one afternoon. i wasn't sure what i was in trouble for...until i saw michelle sitting in the office also. it turns out they had noticed the high number of corresponding absences we had, all of which were suspiciously excused by a parent. if you were a school-skipping ninja like i was, you probably know what had happened--we'd called in "sick" for each other, posing as each others mothers, then ditched class to sit in the student union and make stupid jokes.

i remember TA-ing for mr. fong, where we would goof-off in the back room while michelle "tutored" me in french. i remember sunday night sleepovers and cheese bread and obsessing over a certain nameless (but not numberless) football player in our school.
today is day 6. a photo that makes you laugh.
this photo makes me laugh because of michelle's dark hair, our ridiculous/classy tee shirts, my braces, and how very young we look. it makes me laugh because our entire friendship is based on outrageous jokes that only we seem to get. mummy, i love you!

oh, here's another funny picture: 
 if you don't laugh initially, just keep looking at the picture. it's funny.


  1. Haha! i love your braces!! and look how long your hair is!!

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  3. Bhahaha I love you too Daddy!

    Hey, do you remember the miracle grow as well? I still can't believe that didn't work. lol

    P.S. Cheers for crushing my mom's perfect vision of me. haha I'm pretty sure she had no idea about us ditching class.

  4. I remember being so agitated with both of you girls. Somehow it seems like a million years ago in a lot of ways as I'm so struggling with a whole new crop of "issues" now. I just don't remember the crap you guys did as being so BIG but somehow then I thought it was the end of the world. Ah, if I only knew then what I know now . . .

  5. hover kitties! my sis showed me this a while back. it makes me laugh just starting at it.


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