odds and ends

day 14 deets: boots: modcloth; tights: express; skirt: ny&co; cardi: panache; necklace: mom's closet
no close-up of today on account of me looking exactly as tired as i am.
 on day 14, i was martha stewart.
 well, not the actual lady.
i was just a good little housewife today, and i enjoyed every second of it.
 i made a wooden block nativity with felt (inspired by the pioneer woman).
last year, i really wanted a nativity but do you know how expensive they are?! so this year, i made my own! i know it's a bit cheesy, but i'm happy to have a little reminder of the reason for the season.
want close ups? ok! i'm proud of it.
 there are stable animals and shepherds and sheep and wise men and, of course, baby Jesus.

i also cooked a ton of food (not pictured: a loaf of bread):
 i hope i impressed david. i enjoy cooking and i'm pretty good at it...i just don't do it as often as i should.
we had a yummy, veggies-only dinner and too many desserts.

the whole time, it looked like this outside:
as this is most likely our last winter in rexburg, i'm trying to appreciate that it actually is gorgeous outside rather than being irritated at how cold i get. it's totally working, too.

today is also day 22. a photo of your town
i spent my first 18 years in livermore, california. this makes it look like the middle of nowhere, but i promise it's got a totally happening downtown. i chose this picture because it's the view as you drive away from my parent's house, and i think of this road whenever i think of coming home. i remember many early mornings and late nights driving that road, and now it makes me think of the anticipation i feel when we go home for a visit. rexburg is where i've lived since fall of 2007 and i like it all right. david and i fell in love here, bought and ran our little business here, and spent our first few married years here. rexburg is home for now but i think my heart will always be in livermore with my family.

this post is a bit scattered. i'll be back on track come tomorrow :)
i hope your sunday was peaceful and wonderful!


  1. it's so pretty there!! and I think it's great you went and made your own nativity scene :D

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your nativity scene!

  3. I can't believe how much I miss livermore, I also can't believe how in love I am with those blue boots everytime you wear them.

  4. Holy crap I want to longboard that road from your parent's house.

  5. everyone's looked exhausted at one point in this remix. i should have done this (gone the small photo route) haha :) I LOVE YOUR BLUE BOOTS THOUGH!


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