on homework, nick 13, and cute boys

sometimes, you have to take dumb pictures like this:
as a way of procrastinating getting back to this:
and then blog about it as further means of procrastination.

i don't know why i'm procrastinating. where are you going, where have you been? by joyce carol oates is on the agenda for tonight's reading, and i love that story. 
fun fact: i love creepy short stories. i love to read them and i love to write them.

another fun fact: i found my CDs. 
i thought i had lost them. 
i haven't had my CDs in a long, long time. re-listening to them is giving me flashbacks and deja vu and all those kinds of things. today i listened to tiger army on the way to world religions. it was a very nice evening and i rolled the windows down, drove through rexburg in my ford escape, and sang along to nick 13's dreamy voice. i remembered driving through livermore in my blue slugbug with the windows down, singing along to nick 13's dreamy voice. also, i remembered jumping up and down and screaming in the front row of BFD in 2007 on my 18th birthday when tiger army took the stage. 
and then i drove home and had dinner with my husband and now i'm going to go finish my homework so i can get my degree in july.

the moral of the story is threefold: listen to tiger army, do your homework, and marry a cute boy.
because even though dreamy voices come from boys like this:
the best back rubs and sweetest kisses come from boys like this:


  1. I love reading your blog - it always makes me so happy.

  2. This was somehow one of my favorite blog entries of yours. It was succinct and heartfelt and humorous and I just adore you.

    Also, your hair is getting so long! Woo hoo!

    Also, you had a blue slugbug that you drove through Livermore!? Let's be friends FOREVER! =)

  3. YES! Nick 13!! He is indeed very dreamy. He's coming out with a solo country album soon and I am sooooo excited! (Found you through 30 for 30 list btw :P)


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