day 5. a photo of you
i have asthma.

i've had trouble breathing since i was like 6 years old and it's pain in the butt...actually, it's a pain in the lungs (har har har). mostly it's embarrassing because my doctors said i'd grow out of it by the time i was 12 or so. but, alas, at 21 years old i still struggle at times to take a full breath. i hate using my inhalator because it only temporarily helps the problem, my lungs don't get any stronger, and it leaves me all jittery and stuttering. a stint with smoking cigarettes in high school didn't help, either...once again, high school brandilyn, you sure are an idiot. as your adult self, i wish i could come punch you in the face.

it's a running joke among my close friends that you can't make me laugh too hard because it'll give me an asthma attack. once, at girl's camp, i had to be fished out of the middle of a lake because the cold made my lungs seize up or something and i couldn't swim back to shore. like i said, embarrassing. 

well, michelle made me this shirt my first semester of college. basically, it's perfect. 
it fits me to a tee!! (i'm so very punny today)


  1. I love you too. I remember that little "fishing" incident. I was soooo grateful that I was them to sprint back to your tent and snag your inhaler and get it to you. You were so pathetic.

  2. Well... I liked you then, and I still like you now, so don't punch yourself too hard :]


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