potty mouth

jeans: buckle; top: panache; sperry topsiders; bling: david :)
on day 9, i learned about a poop-themed restaurant.
i'm not making this up, you guys. it exists. in hong kong. it's called modern toilet. LOL!
i was waiting for shpitty to make me a pizza for lunch and they had some special playing about it on the tv in 5buck pizza (btw, everyone should go to 5buck. it's so good. and hailey draws the signs out front and today it was harry potter holding a pizza saying, "accio 5buck!" hilarious).
so at this bathroom-themed restaurant, even the light fixtures are in the shape of turds. omg. and the bowls look like toilet bowls and all the food is potty-themed.
i wonder if they franchise? is there a market for this sort of thing in rexburg?
 today is supposed to be a drunk photo of me for the photo challenge...but i don't drink, so here's a picture of modern toilet instead.


  1. i've seen this toilet restaurant....they serve choc soft-serve ice cream in little toilet shaped ice cream bowls...is it bad that i want to go here???

  2. L, i want to go SO BAD!! haha i never wanted to visit hong kong until i saw this place!

  3. ah! that's so weird!! I mean it's a good idea and all, but I'd feel weird with poo all over the place while I'm eating ha.

  4. I can't believe that you're not creative enough (I mean, you are but . . .) to come up with a Plan B for your drunk photo. That's what I plan on doing. Like maybe an awkward photo of me or something. I DEMAND a re-do of your photo challenge for this day! Actually, I'm your mother and I'm pulling rank!

  5. hey! i found your blog! (thanks darc) i'm not sure if i could enjoy curry from a mini-toilet...

  6. My brother-in-law was born in Hong Kong and now I think I understand him so much better. Because he would love this.
    And yes. I got creative with my drunk picture as well. Re-post.

  7. Oh dear, even though I'm sure that restaurant is sanitary, I still would feel queezy eating there.

    I'm in love with those cobalt blue boots from modcloth you have from a few posts ago. They are such a bold beautiful color :]

  8. yay for plaid! i'm biased. no matter when it comes out, i'll love it. love your bright smile too!


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