standing up

sperry topsiders, jeans: buckle; button-up, belt, & necklace: panache; cardi: target

on day 13, it snowed big fat snow.
really, it's very beautiful. i'm enjoying sitting in the store and listening to music and watching the snow fall. i know my outfit looks dark here...oh well. i was outshined by the snow. today is the first day of our thanksgiving break and we couldn't be more thrilled. we're going to sleep so much.

 well, anyways...
wanna see a throwback photo of me? okay!
here's day 21. a photo of you standing up.
you can tell this picture is old because a.) i'm wearing boot-cut jeans, b.) my undies/stomach are hanging out, and c.) i look weird.
i don't know why i look weird. i just do. this picture was taken by my momma when i very first moved to rexburg. it's in the hay field across from the temple and we stopped to take goofy pictures. i hadn't yet started school, or lived on my own, or fallen in love with david yet. how very little i knew.
hey, little brandilyn! you've got a lot of really great things coming up! be hopeful!
what's that? you can't hear me? ok, fine, go on being a weirdo for a little while longer.


  1. Oh my gosh, and remember how awesome boy cut undies were??? ahh those were the days. I remember my first day at Rexburg with my Mom. I remember waving goodbye to her and said, okay, where are the fellas??? Honestly, I am SO happy Ryan never saw me in my "crazy college days." Nooooot sure he would have wanted to marry me. Honestly!!! Sad to say huh?? So glad he met me when I was mission bound, would drive in the car without the radio going (because I thought it was all trash...lol) and I read preach my gospel for an hour every day.

    Bless his heart. If only he knew me 6 months prior! hahahaha

    I love your outfits. I am tempted to doing this 30 days thing. I love seeing your outfits and getting inspired!

  2. Bran, you are just super classy, I mean it. I always think you look amazing :)

  3. I LOVE your blog.. such great photos and style. and I for sure will check out your store..I come down to SF all the time.. LOVE it there... you also have some really great outfits, and boots!!!

    I look forward to following the rest of what you wear for the 30 for 30 challenge!!!
    happy weekend!!

  4. thanksgiving break ftw! i hope you get to enjoy! and i love the cuffed pants with those shoes :) you look great in the snow.

  5. i think you do chambray and denim like a pro. no canadian tuxedo for you!


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