store of dreams

boots: target; tights: express; skirt: shade via panache; belt: mom's closet; top: panache; cardi: target
on day 12, i leaped for joy and told a construction worker i loved him.
wanna know why?
the construction in the front of the store gave me 2 things i've been hoping and praying and wishing for:
1.) gorgeous display windows, and
2.) an entrance separate from the chiropractor downstairs.
omg. i'm so excited. our store is going to be open and light and amazing. do you wanna see pictures?
 see?! separation! that door is mine and mine only!
 close-up of our big, gorgeous windows as well as the left window display. about 20 minutes ago they put the panel down on that platform, so i've already got a mannequin lookin' fly in that space.
and the right display window! obvs they aren't done yet; they still need sanding and finishing and painting. but they exist outside of my dreams, which is just thrilling.

day 20. a photo of something you enjoy doing
i enjoy riding and showing horses! and i love maverick.


  1. You look so cute today! I love that floral blouse. And it goes great with the cardigan!

  2. how do you make riding a horse look chic?? amazing.

  3. Gorgeous horse!

    Loving the bun and your blouse. I HATE that I can't really do button-ups. The "girls" are a bit to...large...for any button ups to work. BUMMER.

  4. i love your outft AND your bun!

  5. Hey love your bunn and your bunnz - secret admirer

  6. I so wish that WE still had Maverick and that "you know who" had a feather up her hoo-hoo then we'd all be tickled to death! You look so perfect on him. What a shame that we had to let him and Eskimo out of our hands. :/

  7. This look is so cute! I love the hair in this look too. Very cute :0) I found you thru Kendi and I'm following you now. Keep posting!!

  8. Yay Yay! How exciting! Big windows AND your very own door. Can life get better?

  9. The store IS gorgeous! I was there today!

  10. um. favorite outfit EVER! And hooray hooray!! for big bright beautiful windows and doors that belong just to you!!!

  11. purple sweater is pretty! you're the second purple sweater today and though i'm not a fan of purple, you're making me want one.

    love the top knot and your belt! hope you have a good weekend.

    and... i'm sure the construction worker now loves you too. haha

  12. Hey, remember my clever paint photoshoped version of your photo with Maverick? hahahaha


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