sunday best

lights, camera, and me without a stitch of make up on!
(100 points if you know the movie) 
really, though, i overslept today and had like 1.5 minutes to get ready.
 flats: target; dress worn as a skirt: gap; sweater: target;  skinny belt: shade via panache; scarf: h&m; bag: lucky; bun*
on day 7, i taught sunday school.
do i look like a teacher? i'm inclined to think no, because my class didn't take me very seriously today. it was a bit rowdy.we taught about eternal marriage, which is a topic i really enjoy because i happen to be eternally married to this guy:
today is day 15. a photo of you and someone you love. i love david a lot. this is one of our engagement pictures. here's a picture from this morning:
yeah, he's pretty lovable. 

here's a wrap-up of week one in the 30for30 challenge:

*i learned how to do a better bun from sydney's tutorial. i wore it to carrie and darcy's scentsy part-A last night and it was practically the hit of the party.  actually, the scentsy was the hit of the party. but my bun made me feel spiffy. i'll have to blog more about last night on a different day, because it was just...awesome.


  1. Brandilyn I think you are so pretty.

  2. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! I love that movie!!

  3. That bun is gooor-geous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Going to that tutorial NOW.
    (ps did you seeeee how many comments I got on that last post of mine? Everyone LOVED the bun)

  4. i really really like your green scarf on the purple top :) pretty combo!

  5. what are you doing here becky??

  6. You look so cute!

    And can I just say I think that picture of Dave from this morning is awesome? You're kids someday are going to love that picture - forever. Seriously. It's awesome.

  7. your bun looks great!! good job!! and love the bright scarf!!

  8. omg what a cute hubby picture! everytime i take a cute picture with boyf he makes a funny face or hides his face in my shoulder.

    my favorite parts of this outfit are the subtly-matching oxfords and satchel, and the BEA-utiful scarf!

  9. Fun. Mostly, I LOVE your photos. You make Rexburg look like Europe! And, I must find a back like yours on Day 7: (Lucky? How I wish you said "Target"!)

  10. drop dead gorgeous... i made my husband watch that this summer and i think it scarred him.


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