three is my favorite number

dress: gap; cardigan: nordstrom; belt: leftover from my horse show days; tall socks: target; boots: target; "leather" jacket: (you guessed it) target
on day 3, i love my outfit.
am i allowed to say that? it's just that this is my favorite dress, and my favorite cardigan, and my favorite belt. this belt was a horse show trend a few years back; this lady was making these belts and everyone had one and my mom got one for me, too! and it had chestnut horses on it, which was perfect because my horse maverick was chestnut. i was so excited. i still am, actually! so excited i forgot to tuck that crazy piece of hair behind my ears!

last night, i was trying to decide what to wear.
you know in dumb and dumber, when lloyd is getting ready to go to the ball and he tries on all those really nice tuxedos? and every time he comes out, harry shakes his head no. and finally, lloyd comes out in the orange tuxedo and harry applauds and lloyd does a funny dance around the dressing room because he's found the perfect tux to go meet mary in.
well, this outfit is my orange tux.
i swear i tried on 6 different outfits last night and every time, my harry (ahem, david) would shake his head "no." finally i came out in this one and he said, "baby! you look great!" and i did a funny dance around our kitchen.
today is day 11. a photo of your favourite film in my 30-day photo challenge.
dumb & dumber is my favorite film. i feel like i should say it's some gorgeously made foreign film...but if i'm being 100% honest with you, my favorite film is dumb & dumber. david and i quote it non-stop (every time i climb on the back of our motorcycle, david says, "saddle up, partner!") and we've probably watched it over a hundred times. sometimes i slip dumb & dumber quotes casually into conversations just to see if the person i'm talking to will catch it.


  1. i love the belt...awesome!


  2. You look adorable! I love the outifit.

  3. SO CUTE! and I'm loving your hair....and tricks to make it look that cute "messy but neat" bun??? LOVE IT!

  4. that first pic is an ADORABLE one of you.

    "PULL OVER!"
    "it's actually a cardigan but thanks for noticin'!"

    dumb&dumber rulz!

  5. So, this 30 day photo challenge, where does it come from? I just realized that's why the random photos on your posts lately. ~Jamin

  6. Hello! I just found your blog and I love your outfit of the day! The second picture of you is darling!

  7. Aww, I love it! I worked with a chestnut named Maverick this summer :)

  8. Huh! I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this.

    ;) That's my favorite kind of outfit, too - it looks comfy and effortless!

  9. lol at this being your orange tux! i love that you love what you're wearing. i love the colors <3

  10. yikes, snow?! must say i'm not jealous of that :) the outfit looks perfect for it though - so cozy with the great jacket.

  11. I love the color of your cardi and I like your style very much!


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