the write way

boots, jeans, cardi: target; tee, necklace: panache
on day 11, i was both glad and irritated i am an english major.
i was glad because i love my american lit class very, very much. i love the books and the discussions and the papers. i just think it's the best.

i was irritated because in my creative writing class, some guy (a STUDENT) interrupted the professor and asked if he could take 5 minutes of class time to clear up some concepts that he didn't think were being taught correctly. um...excuse me? it was honestly one of the most disrespectful things i've ever seen in a classroom. also, it was just plain awkward.

speaking on my major...
today is day 19. a photo of you on a school trip
this is me writing out on the porch at the writer's retreat with brother harrell with some awesome hair.
i miss being on retreat. i wouldn't mind going back. i would very much enjoy spending my days filling journals with creepy short stories in an adorable little cabin with nappy hair. 
david? babe? you wanna drop out of school and move to a cabin in the woods and live on love?


  1. cute outfit of course! I love your cardigan and boots!

  2. arrghhhh. people like that drive me NUTS. so flippin' rude. i used to teach 9th grade crazies and even THEY didn't disrespect quite that way (in other ways, definitely, but not like that). in my psyc classes during college, there was one guy who seemed to end up in every psyc elective that i loved and tried to CRUSH my love for 'x' elective every single day. gross.

    but hey... your outfit is cute! love the cardigan and easy going feel. :)

  3. I hate it when people at BYU do stuff like that. I wonder if their parents would be embarrassed or encourage that type of behavior.

  4. This is Jacob the Chapman and I'm curious: how'd the professor respond? What professor is it? Did the student clarify what he thought was awry? My male brain wants to know these things...

    "trainate" was my verification word to post a comment. "The train ate my dog!"

  5. i love your pink top!!! and your necklace too ;) they make your outfit pop!!!

  6. My mouth dropped hearing that story! I can't believe how rude people are sometimes.

    Love your hair by the way! I've tried to do that before, but never seem to get it right.


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