big baby

 shoes/jeans/cardi: target; top/belt: panache
what? the 30 for 30 is over? and i'm still wearing 30 for 30 clothes?
yeah, i know. maybe i didn't pack so smart for my trip to california. 

here's a story:
one time, a long time ago, i was sitting on david's lap in the middle of the afternoon. we were sitting on our couch. the sunlight was streaming through the window and apparently highlighting some never-before-seen features of my face. "hey, babe!" said my loving husband, "i can see your mustache!"

i keep bringing up this conversation and he insists that he didn't mean to be mean. that he can't usually see the faint, blonde peach fuzz on my upper lip. but i am now neurotic about upper-lip hair removal. maybe you're thinking, "ew! she has upper lip hair!" but SHUT UP! you know you have it too and you just don't blog about it.

anyways, today my mom and i went to get our upper lips and eyebrows waxed. i went first because i am so brave. let me tell you, that cute little vietnamese lady was SAVAGE when it came to hair removal. my eyes teared up immediately and she matter-of-factly said, "you big baby." "what?! i'm a big baby?" (i mean, come on. she's ripping hair out of my face using hot wax! i'm not allowed a few tears?) "yes. here is tissue for you, big baby." whatever. i'm so not a baby. 

well, other than facial waxing, i've been christmas shopping with my mom (neither of us started shopping until i got here...woops), attending parties with barn people i grew up with, and wrapping gifts. ammmazing!


  1. CUTE outfit! My eyes tear up EVERY time I wax...the things we do to ourselves :)

  2. okay cute outfit ALERT!!!!!!!

    I have never done it. BUT I do shave my arms. Everyone in my family thinks I'm crazy. It's not like I had massive amounts of arm hair, Id like to think I barely had any at all. Just blonde hair! BUT I did it once and have been doing it for 5 years. I don't regret it and it just feels so good. Now when I see peoples hairy arms I just CRINGE!!!!!

  3. Hey girl,
    I absolutely love your blog! Your outfit is super cute!!

  4. i love the super skinny belt! too cute!
    love that story! my husband will often tell me not to post things he says on the blog... but he's so funny sometimes its hard not to!


  5. lovin this outfit...even if it is still clothes from you 30 for 30 ♥ i recently found your blog and must say it is just adorable.

    i love your style girly...so fab!

    xoxo ♥

  6. Oh how I love salons in the Bay Area with vicious women of Asian descent.

  7. You look so cute! I totally know what you mean though. I had a situation like this earlier with my David. The light caught me of so un-friendly and he pointed out the blond peach fuzz on my neck. Not a good comment to have been made by my main man. But still love him crazy anyways.

  8. After starting birth control I was horrified to see some hairs popping up in places they had not been before.

    I feel your pain.


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