biker chic

boots, socks, jeans, cardi: target; belt, top: panache; necklace: wet seal
on day 22, some kid knocked my bike over.
david got me that bike for our first anniversary so many years ago (actually, just a year and a half ago).
i love it so much. i love that he picked it out for me and chose a bike so very perfect for me. i love that it's a little vintage and red and green. so i nearly punched the kid's lights out when he threw my beloved bike to the ground. not really...i got over it pretty quickly. my bike is a tough cookie. my neighbor stacy was awesome enough to take my outfit picture today on account of my usual photographer being gone.


  1. You're cute and I love you.

  2. I really like your outfit and your cute bike :)

  3. love the printed top and the boots and the pants!

    AND HELLO BIKE! i miss biking. you look so comfy in that ;)


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