shoes: chuck taylor; jeans: panache; striped tee: gap; coat: delias; scarf: gift from mi espouso
on day 26, i was tired and stressed out.
we got new carpet in the store yesterday so last night was a late one because we had to put the store back together...plus, i had 8 pages of fiction due today that i hadn't yet started. yeugh.
needless to say, several late nights in a row have not made me a happy camper. 

anyways, i know you can't see my striped tee shirt under my coat, but it's honestly pretty boring.
things that are not boring: this creepy picture taken while goofing around with david during outfit pictures:
i went to see the doctor about my ears. i told her the right one hurt worse than the left and when she looked at it, she said, "oh, my! are you aware of the massive bruise behind your ear?!" and then i started giggling and said, "that's a tattoo i'm in the process of having removed...it's definitely not the cause of my earache." and i think i should have felt awkward, but mostly i was just happy that it looks like a bruise rather than the ugly tattoo it used to be.

can you believe we're on day 26 and i still have a pair of shoes unworn?
well, here are my chuck taylors. i usually save them for days when i feel a bit grungy. high school brandilyn wore these babies a lot more than grown-up brandilyn does. i got them during my freshman year of high school and they're pretty thrashed by now:
but they have been good to me. they've been to tiger army concerts and australia and nebraska and mexico and back and forth between idaho and california a dozen times. i know how cliche it is to have a pair of banged-up converse, but whatev. they're comfy and i like 'em.

and hey...how do you like that brand spanking new carpet?!


  1. i don't care if it's cliche, either... my converses will always be my favorites for lazy days. :)

  2. Hi, fellow remixer, Im one of the few guys in the challenge.. Im slowly getting around to visiting all of the remixers' blogs. I've come across a lot, but you most definitely have style. Best of luck with the remaining challenge… xo



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