double rainbow...it's starting to look like a triple!

boots/tights/cardi: target; tank, top, belt: panache; skirt: ny&co; necklace: talonalia
on day 24, i tasted the rainbow.
also, after 7 years of trying to beat my hair into submission with a straightening iron, i'm deciding to give it a break. it's good hair and doesn't deserve such heat, such damage! so if my hair wants to be bumpy and frizzy, i'm just going to let it do that. and if it wants to grow dark roots....well, i probably will fix that.

also, my handsome photographer is back from sunny phoenix! i'm thrilled! he even brought me candy AND a cardboard u-haul truck that folds into a piggy bank. more importantly, he brought sexy back. har har har.
ok, i know you're dying to know what i spent thursday night working on.
if you recall from previous store pictures, our pillars and accents used to be all grey with white dressing rooms. as we're getting tan-ish carpet installed on monday, we knew we'd need to repaint. david hates painting...so i took care of it while he was gone. i think he really likes it, too! we're calling it 'peacock blue' and the dressing rooms are 'curry gold.' hip! hip! hooray!

also: i thought i'd share some holiday recipes i've bookmarked! don't these make you hungry?
and because i forgot to do it a few days ago, week 3 round-up:


  1. i love the combo of colors here. not something you see often and you work it,.

    also your hair is still pretty!

  2. Look at your hair blowing in the wind! You look amazing!

  3. i love that color palette! This looks gorgeous!

  4. Favorite picture so far! Love it.

  5. i'm LDS too!! as are a lot of bloggers, duh, but i always love to bump into one in blogland:) ps: i SO wish my hair would do anything other than be straight. lucky!

  6. I love the combination of colors! I can indeed taste the rainbow and I like it!
    The Auspicious Life

  7. I commented yesterday but apparently it didn't work...

    Anyway, I said this is my favorite picture of the challenge so far, billowing locks of hair. Perfect :)

  8. Love this outfit! The color scheme is so fresh and fun, and I love the contrast of the white tights against the dark skirt and boots. The shop is looking nice, too!

  9. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Adore your outfit. The colors are so crazy, but work sooo well. Everyone is getting these boots, I see them all over; I think it's actually time for me to go on over and pick up a pair of my own!

    Love, elyse



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