four eyes

 boots & tee: target; tights: F21; skirt: shade via panache; belt: horse show days; scarf: panache; glasses: being blind
i did a close-up to show you my favorite belt. i love this belt.
on day 27, i wore my glasses.
i don't usually wear glasses all day (even though i like my frames). i don't know why. maybe because they bother the tops of my ears by the end of the day. anyways, finals week is on final approach and i've been progressively getting less and less sleep each night. thank goodness i've decided to stop doing my hair, right?! on the subject of wearing glasses, i realized about halfway through my c.s. lewis class that my lenses were filthy. when i lived at home, my mom cleaned my glasses for me and did the best job eva...but now that i'm on my own, they rarely ever get cleaned. so i ran to the bathroom in between classes and cleaned my glasses (that rhymed. unintentional.). as i was standing there wiping the lenses off, i realized how ridiculous i must look. i couldn't make out any details, so people just looked like big blobs to me. i was probably staring at someone without realizing it. or maybe someone i know walked in and i just looked right through them. so if you were in the smith ladies bathroom today and saw me, i wasn't ignoring you. i just couldn't see you.

and now i disappear to write papers and critique short stories and take an HR test.


  1. You are the cutest girl I know! Love the dress and the glasses

  2. I'm a four eyes too and know about how glasses hurt. I find that I tend to pull my ears back constantly in order to make the glasses stop sliding down my nose. But that hurts my ears! Sigh, anyway, I feel your pain.

    That scarf is adorable. I love the pattern.

  3. Very chic and cozy outfit. I like all the gray!


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