boots: target; tee: gap; skirt: f21 ($6!); scarf: santa
check out my sweet new frames!
dave says they're not much different from my old ones, but i beg to differ. they are big and blue and i love them. i love getting new glasses. someday when panache has made us millions, i will own lots and lots of glasses. here's a close-up from yesterday (while i was watching my newest obsession, parks&recreation):
those headphones are a christmas gift from david...my innie-phones were giving me earaches (innie meaning they went inside my ear-holes). isn't he the sweetest?! i also got a coupon book filled with things like back scratches, a diet coke ASAP, a day off of working in the store, and a date night all my choice. him = thoughtful x 10. i teared up opening that coupon book. 
to be honest with you, christmas day was a bit of an emotional roller coaster and that thoughtful gesture from him was just perfect. it made me feel loved and special and appreciated, things i really welcomed feeling that day. i'm grateful to be married to such a sensitive guy.

p.s. that sensitive guy is about to take me out to lunch at in n out and then the chiropractor...yay! happy humpday, all!


  1. I love parks and rec too! The Mister and I watched both seasons in less than a week!
    Your new glasses are adorable and I totally understand wanting a million pairs! They're just like any other accessory-- just a bit more expensive...
    Happy Humpday!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through someone else's fashion blog. Just wanted to say I love cats, cardigans, Parks and Recreations (Aziz Ansari is amazing), and your new glasses!

    I've been wanting new headphones because the innies hurt my ears too! I'll check these out!

    -Amanda B.

  3. those specs are fabulous lovely lady and those innie headphones hurt me as well...i should invest in some "outtie" headphones as well...especially pink ones like yours!

  4. hello again love! i'm still loving those glasses and those outties :)

    because i think you are amazing and all kinds of wonderful i have passed over a stylish blogger award to you my dear.

    stop by my corner of the world to see what it is all about!


  5. i was just going to comment on your knew sweet frames and then you did. super sassy!

  6. You are so freakin' adorable. I adore you. Because you are adore-able.


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