boots: modcloth; socks: my dad's closet; tights: target; dress: gap; buton-up: panache; thermal: american apparel; hat: forever 21
on day 25, my ears hurt.
i think i have an ear infection :( luckily i have a doctor's appointment on wednesday, finals next week, and then i'll be home for christmas. and really, all i want in life is to be home for christmas. and for david to play with my hair. and maybe pizza, too. but that's all i want in life!

today, i was standing in the smith building waiting for HR class to start when some guy pushed my shoulder and said, "HEY!" i sort of flipped around because i'm not used to strange guys saying my name. i did not recognize him at all, so i gave him the raised eyebrow what-the-crap look. 
"oh. sorry," he said, "i thought you were someone else."
and then i laughed and said, "no worries," because just a few weeks ago i thought i saw my old roommate at the ATM machine in the little vestibule outside of wells fargo and i stopped like 2 feet away from her and yelled, "PEGGY!" and it totally was not peggy. hate it when that happens.


  1. This is totally adorable! And boo to ear infections!!


  2. Poor ears. I am in the middle of recovering from an ear infection. It's no fun at all!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. This is a cute outfit!

    Oh and I do that too often! Good for you for being understanding to that other guy!

  4. Oh you make me laugh! I LOVE these pictures! Gosh you are just so dang photogenic! And that green wall is pretty much the coolest thing in Rexburg right now. LOVE IT!

  5. Ohh I have had many of those situations...so awkward! Plus ear infections are the worst. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. hope you feel better soon! The colors of these photos (your blue mixed with the green wall mixed with the ice) looks so amazing! Love the boots!

  7. I TOTALLY love that this post is ALL about me!!! haha

  8. me too. all i ever wanted in life was to be home for christmas! lucky us :)

  9. OH my gosh that made me laugh. I've definitely had that happen too. Kind of sucks that I spent 3 years as a SINGLE gal before coming back MARRIED at BYU-I. AND then PREGNANT!!! I did see some past bf or guy friends while I was pregnant and they would just walk by and stare. Ummm...you know I signed the honor code right?? YOu know that I have a husband who is the baby daddy riiiiight??? But from their looks, they've never seen a pregnant woman!!


    PS. I think that's my fave outfit so far. LOVE IT> Navy is my weakness.

  10. YOU ARE SO CUTE. I love you.

  11. One time, while playing tag in the church, I ran up to my dad from behind and hugged him around the knees.

    It wasn't my dad. And my 6-year-old self died of shame.

    I think that was Heavenly Father's way of getting back at me for being irreverent in His house. I bet He was laughing at me. At least, I like to think of Him that way.


  12. LOVE this outfit- those boots are amazing. you look super cute!
    (found your blog on elaine's mormon bloggers)


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