confusing things:
1. on friday night, as i was getting ready to meet carrie for dinner, i looked down at my hand and it was covered in blood. what the crap?! after i washed it i realized it was just a little cut, so i put a band-aid over it and ran out the door. carrie and i came back to my apartment, though, and it bled for like 2 hours while we chatted. and yesterday it kept bleeding because it's on my right hand and i use my right hand all the time. how did it happen? and why is it bleeding so much? mystery.

2. yesterday morning, i was doing my hair when i heard the front door open. i assumed it was david and kept getting ready for work. when i looked over, though, a strange lady was standing in my living room. "oh...is this not the ballroom?"  "no, this is my apartment." "where's the ballroom? i was told there was a ballroom..." "through the door marked with a 'dance' sign." (not through the door with an apartment number, a wreath hanger, and a monogrammed H doormat in front of it) maybe i was rude, but really...you can't just walk into someone's living room!

3. it's gorgeous outside today. in december. 35*, roads are melting, no heavy coats required. i had almost gotten used to the wind and snow...it's a very pleasant surprise!


  1. Weird, Weird and Hooray! Maybe all those strange things happening are why you are getting rewarded with better weather. Ya know, like Karma?

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. i hate when i find random cuts and have no clue how they got there! welcome to the mormon fashion blog gang!

  3. The woman in your apt gave me chills.

  4. Oh man! I would seriously freak out if some weird lady walked into my apt! Sooooo creepy. Time to start locking the door.


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