boots: modcloth; magic jeans & striped top: panache; scarf: gifted; headband: f21
on day 21, i took a picture of myself.
if i felt silly posing for pictures outside with david behind the camera, i felt even sillier posing for myself with the camera balanced on a bookshelf. i'm only telling the truth here, folks. my husband left me this morning. well, not forever, just to go to phoenix for a few days and do some networking. i will miss his sexy lips and nacho libre impressions. he will miss my hilarious sound effects and my greasy hair. just kidding, my sound effects really aren't that great. anyways, i very much prefer outside pictures, so i added some lovely fall leaves to trick you into thinking i took this outside. did it work for a second?! no? whatever.

so usually, the university all the sidewalks on campus all shoveled and sprinkled with red rock stuff so you don't slip and fall. about half of my walk to class this morning was on the city sidewalks, while the other half was on campus and uphill. i figured i'd tromp through the crap city sidewalks and then get onto nice, clear, safe campus sidewalks for my uphill trek. well, guess what? today it was snowing too hard to keep sidewalks shoveled. with every step i took uphill to my c.s. lewis class, my boot would slip out behind me. i looked like i was trying out for the freaking ice capades.

day 30. a photo of you when you were happy.
oh, hey! that's me today. i'm happy today! i'm happy i'm done with this photo challenge and i'm happy to be inside and warm while it's snowing and cold outside. i'm happy i'll be done with this semester and california-bound soon. i'm happy to be in my store with some pretzels and a cherry coke. i'm happy the remodeling on panache will be done WITHIN THE WEEK!


  1. I love those boots and I love how you paired the patterns in your scarf and t-shirt! Cute style chica!


  2. scarf + stripes? YOU CANNOT GO WRONG IN MY BOOK. lovely photos! really ;)


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