peeping daves

 boots: kohls; pants: panache; top: kirra; cardi: target
those are little birds on my shirt...birds in top hats.
this shirt was originally purchased as a birthday gift for michelle. and then i kept going on and on about how much i loved it so my mom went back and got me one for christmas, too. i don't mind matching my friends in the least. i think shpitty and i probably have matching wardrobes by now.

the bedroom windows in my parent's house don't have curtains.
i never once even considered this fact until after david and i were married and he mentioned that he felt weird changing when people could see into the windows. 
i said, "what people?"
i grew up on 26 acres and the bedroom windows just face off into...that. no street lights, no neighbors, nothing but land and trees and sometimes horses or cats or deer. i love that.

last night, we arrived home around 10:30 and david decided to stoke the fire in the fireplace.
i was changing into my pajamas in our bedroom when, out of the corner of my eye, i saw someone walk past my window. i crept up to the glass and squinted out the window, maybe freaking out a little because no one walks around our property that late at night. that's when a HUMAN FACE appeared in the window! i might have screamed...until i realized that it was david, getting more firewood.
and then i started laughing. in 18 years of living in this house, i never once thought about people seeing into the curtain-less bedroom windows. and now i'm a paranoid scaredy-cat.


  1. Haha, that's classic. My in-laws don't have curtains on their bathroom windows, so I always make sure to stare out of them when using the bathroom. That way, in case someone does look in, I'm already staring at them.

    (The windows are so high up that you can't actually see anything...mostly)

  2. Hah! Awesome. Also: love the colors of your ensemble today. That plum cardigan? Yummy.
    p.s. I added you to my blog-roll...I hope that's okay?

  3. First- I'm totally jealous that you OWN a clothing store! Your super young and are already living my dream. ha.

    Second- That shirt is the coolest. I love it with the purple card.

  4. i would kill for those boots, they are fabulous! cute 'fit :)

  5. that. shirt. is. AMAZING.

    do you think your mom is up for going back and buying me one too? :)

  6. I'm totally up for heading back to the mall. Let me know your size and I'm on it! Lol.


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