boots: target; leggings & belt: panache; cardi & top: h&m; scarf: white elephantined
i got this scarf from my barn friend lysette.
(but sometimes i call her carol and she calls me stevie and we pretend we're the saddle club...was anyone else out there saddle club obsessed back in the day?)
we had a little gift exchange at our barn party the other night and i ended up with this scarf, which i LOVE. i feel holiday-appropriate wearing it.

ok, today i have TWO DIY's for you. are you excited?

DIY 1: wearing leggings as pants

ok, i said a few months ago that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. and i laughed at people who thought their leggings were pants. then elaine started being all, "breaking rules is awesome!" and i was all, "i want to be like elaine!" so now i'm breaking rules. and you guys...it's sooo comfy. here are my 2 guidelines for wearing leggings as pants:

1. wear dark tights underneath your leggings. i can't tell you how many times i've seen people bend over in the grocery store or something and you can see their BUTT under their leggings. trashy. i wear dark grey tights under my leggings so no one gets a free show.

2. balance it out. by this, i mean that you've gotta wear something loose on top if you're going tight on the bottom. leggins + tight t-shirt = workout gear. make the top half of your outfit the focal point.

DIY 2: oreo truffles

these are easy and delicious. maybe you've already had them!
ok, obviously i was making mass amounts. for a normal sized batch, do 1 package of oreos and 1 package of cream cheese. blend oreos until crumbly, mix in cream cheese, and roll 'em into balls. freeze the balls (i put toothpicks in to make dipping easier) for about 20 min. melt your white chocolate, dip the balls, and enjoy. so good. so easy. only 10 calories per serving! (that was a lie)

**note: DIY 2 in excess makes doing DIY 1 not as easy on account of weight gain. it's the holidays, though, so calories don't count...right?


  1. This post made me laugh and I think you look beautiful in your picture!

  2. Your leggings advice = TOTALLY ON POINT!
    you have to balance it out. I never wear things with leggings where my behind is visible...always a big top or tunic or something.

    No one gets a free show! :)

  3. i love leggings as pants. i converted during pregnancy and i am all about tights underneath... sometimes i also wear one pair of leggings on top of another so i guess that is kinda the same thing.

  4. 1) Stevie you look faboo in that scarf! I bought it on ebay last year because I thought it would make a great white elephant gift for the next barn party, and I'm glad you love it!

    2) Miss you, love you, so happy you are here, and hopefully I get to see you one more time before you go back to ID. If not then I'm super pleased that I came to the party!

    <3 Carol and Starlight


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