she's a good girl

boots: mom's closet; tights: target; skirt: thrifted; top: panache; bag: lucky; diet coke: 5buck pizza
yep, finals week has begun.
you can tell because i have a diet coke in my hand and my hair is all crazy-like.
i was running to world religions class, realized it was getting dark, tossed my camera at david, and said, "quick! outfit picture!"
then i got to class and another professor was there with a guitar and everyone sang 'free fallin' together. i'm not making this up, you guys. i do love that song...i always used to think it was MY song, because it says she loves america and her mom and elvis and horses and her boyfriend, too. and i loved all those things (well, minus the boyfriend part...cuz duh, i didn't meet david until college!).
BUT. i am almost done with this semester!
:::insert fancy curtsy::


  1. How flippin cute are you? I saw your rule breaker on Elaine's and thought I'd stop by. Love your cute style! I'm a new follower. :)

  2. Hooray for being done with the semester! I finished last Thursday and I promise you that I did not look so cute!

  3. My favorite part about this is that you curtsied. Fancily.

  4. Ha... I bet I know what professor that was.

  5. Awesome skirt! It's super unique. Good luck on finals!

    PS I love 'Free Fallin'!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  6. is it ok to be annoyed that you look that cute on finals week, that late at night?? Cause I am =)
    But you're still my friend so it's ok! right?

  7. i thought you finished your outfit challenge deal?


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