sleep deprived store lover

oh hello.
boots & socks: turrget; skirt: ny&co; stripes: panache; cardi: nordstrom; scarf: flea market in oceanside
on day 28, i was the walking dead.
 hey, brandilyn, why do you have a receding hairline?!
YOU SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH. i have no such thing. well, i do have little baby hairs and it looks like my hairline waving adios in some pictures. whatever.

today maybe might have been a little hard.
mr. sexypants and i stayed up until 2am doing projects, and then i had early class this morning, creative writing workshops, and when i got to the store we had 2 big ol' boxes waiting for me to receive.
new clothes and jewelry for the store are good things, of course, but they are also time-consuming things. like 5 hours of time. time that i couldn't spend on homework. i'm feeling like i got chewed up and spit out.

but do you know what?
i think my store looks pretty good (except for the 1/2-painted side of the dressing room..gotta get on that).
see for yourself:
ooh la la!
i feel like an obnoxious mother using my blog to say over and over again OmGeE mY bAbY iS tOtEs AdOrBs!!! (ahem, tamn), but really...i'm pretty proud of this little space. so even though i'm feeling pretty haggard, my store feeling spiffy makes up for it. and i posted a giveaway on le store blog, and i really, really like doing giveaways. and i'm having cornbread and soup with mi espouso tonight. so i'll probably make it out of today alive.


  1. ah I wish I lived there to shopppp! great store!

  2. Love the Florence + the Machine in the background! And a cute store to boot!


  3. Just wanted to poke my head in here and say Hola!!

    Love your blog... your outfits are amazing (totally jealous... you pull EVERYTHING OFF!)

    and hahahahahahahahah!!! i seriously can't stop laughing about your comment about OmGeE mY bAbY iS tOtEs AdOrBs!!! it's so true, so freaking true!!! and honestly... MY baby is sooo freaking adorbs!! :) hahah, i kid, i kid!

    you are HI. LARE. EE. US.

  4. A few notes..
    1) I totally pictured your facial expressions and voice when reading "You shut your filthy mouth" and it makes me giggle.
    2) I am totally in love with the color of the dressing rooms
    3) Thanks for posting a video because I have been dying to see what the cute little store looks like and I'm trying to convince my husband to let me go to Rexburg simply to shop at your store. He said no, but if I bug him enough he might change his mind :]

  5. HOLY COW! I'm in love with your yellow dressing rooms, and the glass window the salon is amazing.

    Seriously, totes adorbs.

  6. Oooh, I love the layering in this outfit! And the stripes. I'm always a big fan of stripes. PS I'm super jealous that you and your husband own a boutique, that's something that I dream of!

    Kristine. Or Polly

  7. I think I ay have to make a trip from vegas just for this store. You are soooooooo adorable! You look so cute. I'm in love with your clothes, and your fashion sense and your humor.




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