most of today has looked like this:
frizzball hair, husband's sweatshirt, and being a slug in bed. sundays = no homework for the haynes. that's my favorite pillowcase, by the way. my momma made it for me a long time ago.
this morning, however, we had stake conference! and elder nelson was there!
it felt good to hear a peaceful, uplifting message from him during this crazy time (ie: finals) in our life.

so, guess what?
i hosted my first party ever last night!
and it was a surprise party!
(kate, i hope you don't mind that i stole pictures)
the beloved and beautiful pingels will be leaving rexburg soon, and kate and i decided darcy couldn't leave without a party. kate posted tons of adorable pictures on her blog--how sweet is it that she got a shot of every couple there?! i think the party was a success. i was so excited waiting for adam and darcy to arrive i was literally shaking...i felt like this lady.

btw...how do you like my new artwork (above)?
it was FREE!! one of david's buddies was moving out of rexburg and didn't want it anymore. and it was basically made for my apartment and i love it.


  1. YAY Elder Nelson! What a blessing. And my sister-in-law spoke today too! She was way super-intimidated to speak at the same meeting as Elder Nelson. No kidding. I would be too. We were going to go, but my body crashed temporarily and took all day to re-boot.

    And it really was an awesome party.

  2. hooray for husbands sweatshirts! (i actually have my dad's old college sweatshirt that has been deemed my sunday wear) it was a fun party... i'm glad we finally met!


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